‘Dangerous Labour’ derives directly from my previous professional experience as a documentary photographer covering the issue of Maternal and Child Health in Haiti (View image gallery here). I am deeply interested in questioning how artists can address social issues within contemporary art and influence public opinion.

Using multiple miniature hand thrown vessels as a shape metaphor for the womb, the installation, an abstract mural based on maternal deaths statistics (World Health Organization, 2010) and their geographical location, aims to raise awareness on the sheer number of women dying everyday due to pregnancy related causes as well as the striking disparity between the global North and the global South. 


Glazes and ceramic bodies are in close contact and react chemically and physically during firing. Chemical reactions of individual components take place, changing the chemical composition during the firing process and leading to the formation of interlayers on interfaces. This experimental project looks at the interaction between glazes and ceramic bodies and more specifically stress relations of the ceramic body which often exhibit signs of residual stress due to the manufacturing process. ‘Fracture’ stands as an analogy for the multitude of stressors encountered by students in new institutional environment (new experiences, responsibilities, social settings) which have both visible and invisible impact on their mental and physical well-being.